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"It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for Genia Janssen of Janssen and Associates, who I hired to enhance my Web Site for Winning Ways coaching business. I am a senior citizen and technically challenged. So I asked Genia to take over my entire Web Site and make improvements to enhance the marketing competition of a professional career and life coaching business. She took a huge amount of complicated information and created an understandable professional Web Site. She continually gave me sage, appropriate technical advice on the appropriate ways to market my business. I find that Genia takes an objective approach to problem solving and understands the technical aspects of computers and systems. She is an individual who accomplishes tasks and gathers the appropriate resources to get the job done. Genia has a knack in covering all the bases, leaving no loose ends, and getting things done. When she sees things are not working, she always plans and acts to correct the problem or situation, which impresses me. Genia is theoretical and driven to acquire more knowledge and competence. She excels in thinking ahead, researching, and gathering pertinent information. She has a strong sense of responsibility and great loyalty to the company and works with steady energy to fulfill her commitments. In working with Genia, I have found her to be a uniquely responsible individual dedicated and committed to making positive contributions."
Marge "Magic" Powers, Discover Winning Ways

"I hired Genia to develop my website for me. She did a great job, was timely, creative, and reasonable in price. I would recommend her to anyone."
Sherry Grunhaus, Bay Nutrition Center

"Genia has done a great job for my firm's website. We have consolidated several websites into one main site and beefed up our Commercial portion of the website to increase activity. Both Genia and Ludo's creative and graphics suggestions have modernized our website. I feel that we are getting good value from their expertise!"
Kent Penning, Founder and President, Cold Craft, Inc.

"It seems that you can find a so-called web designer under every rock these days, but what I LOVE about Genia is how amazingly easy it is to work with her. She has been helping us maintain our company website for the last several years and every time I come up with a new hair-brained thing that I just have to add to our website ASAP - Genia makes it easy. I just email her with what I want or need. No fuss. Then she emails me back usually with 24 to 48 hours that what I wanted is done. Now that's easy!"
Ed Correia, CEO, Sagacent Technologies

"Genia created the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of Brandeis National Committee. She worked tirelessly to create a great site. I am very grateful and pleased with her work and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a website."
Judy Eskinazi, Treasurer, Santa Clara Valley Chapter BNC

"Genia did a web site for a non profit I belong to. The project worked out great and got us on our way very soon."
Faye Mellos, Zonta Silicon Valley

"Genia, was the web developer who enabled making the passion I have for frogs leap off the web page. She was able to take my basic instructions provided and complete the task in timely fashion. I felt we worked well together, as I was able to provide her content at my convenience and she would address the request once received."
Pamela Livingston, Califrognia

"I know Genia as being a reliable and knowledgable professional, whos expertise is always up-to-date and profound. Thanks a lot!"
Lilo Ccoyllor - Casa de la Serenidad

"Genia has done an outstanding job for me on my two websites. She is reasonable and very creative. I love the look of my two sites. She has given me ideas on how to make it look good and the ideas I want she is able to implement. She knows it all. She even gave me some instruction on how to update my own website and now I have a new skill thanks Genia!"
Kathy McCartney, McCartney Fine Art & MauiVision

"Genia is a talented professional web designer and more. I can pick up the phone and ask for changes to my website and it is done immediately and so reasonable it is unbelievable. She is also heavily involved in the networking commnity and has referred many of her clients to me, asking nothing in return. What more can I say..... she offers allround year after year excellent service!"
Colleen Murphy, Advance Staffing

"Janssen & Associates is currently creating a new website for me and I am very happy with the results. They are responsive to my needs and creative in implementing my requests. I would recommend their services to create a new website or update an older one."
Nancy Burns, Hourglass Workshops

"Genia redesigned and now maintains our website. She not only does a great job for us on what we need, she offers new ideas to fine tune our effectiveness on the site. We have an excellent relationship and I consider Genia to be an important asset to our business."
Tony Vierra, Debbie Lyn's Costumes

"Genia has been a great Website Professional for the Association for Facility Engineering. You can be very confident in her work."
Bob Dills, Western Allied

"Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value"
Tom Adams, Adams Security Management Group

"Genia did a great job on my website. I get a lot of complements on it and it functions very well. Plus, I have a lot of traffic on my site. Thanks Genia."
Lisa Ayala, Herbs by Lisa

"It was a pleasure working with Genia. We talked and she produced. I am very satisfied."
Al Lampell, Conscious Communications

"Genia provided consistent result, for a good value. Would hire again."
Brian Beery, Heavy Equipment, Inc.

"Genia Janssen is a wonderful and approachable website person. She thinks outside of the box and works within your budget. I've had great results in my business with Genia by my side and highly recommend her and her services."
Lara Pai, Lara Pai Dezigns

"I have worked with Genia for years, and she has always followed through for me. She has gone above and beyond expectations for me. She not only keeps my websites updated in response to my requests but I am very thankful that she also makes suggestions and reminds me of things I should do. Genia is also a great resource for ideas on how to grow your business via your website."
Irene Ranucci, Thomas Appliance Service

"I hired Genia to design my website: She asked me how I wanted my website to feel, what colors I liked and what types of images I liked. It was 90% perfect the first time I looked at it. After a few more fleshing out questions, she got a website that is ME! I didn't know that could happen. I was and am pleased with her work. Whenever I need to change anything, she is super speedy and accurate. I highly recommend Genia."
Jill Ballard, Organizer

"I am very pleased with my web site thanks to Genia. I do recommend her whenever possible"
Al Lampell, Professional Fecilitators

"Genia was recommended to me by a neighbor and I hired her to create a relatively simple website for my husband's business. She is very easy to work with, has good follow-up and communication and is very reliable. I've continued to work with her to make updates and minor edits to the website as needed."
Diane Guthman, Union Frame

"Genia developed my website and continues to update it from time to time. She is willing to work with any budget restraints. I value her knowledge of how the internet works. She has worked with me to maximize my presence on the web which, in turn, results in increasing my own business and developing new clients. I recommend Genia."
Diane Brown, Esq.

"We were fortunate to have Genia design our website. Genia is very knowledgeable and professional. She accomplished projects very quickly, paying attention to details and keeping us on task to give her information and resources that she needed to do the job. It is a pleasure to work with her."
Scott Dower, DC

"Genia designed a crisp, attractive and easy to use website for our Santa Clara University alum golf group. I work with her frequently to update files, add new information and changes. She's extremely responsive, accurate and does great work! A delight to work with!"
Cherryll Sevy, University Golf SC

"This is a long overdue testimonial for the dynamic team of Genia and Ludo Janssen of Janssen & Associates. I first met Genia in March '05 and knew immediately that this was the lady to design my website. She was amazing with designing my business website from the information and photo's that I provided to her.Genia is very patient, punctual, economical, and has great integrity. She has been my webmaster and provides ongoing service to the website since that meeting in '05. This year I knew that I needed to refresh the look and Ludo came to my aid and designed a new banner and enhanced my logo...Wow, now the site "pops"! If you are looking for a web designer for a great value, I highly recommend the team of Genia and Ludo Janssen of Janssen & Associates and Draak Productions. "
Carla Griffin, B and A Realtors

"I hired Genia to do redo a website I inherited from a previous owner. She asked for my requirements and got to work to make it look and feel more like my personality. After her finishing touches I found out that people starting calling me just because they liked how my website looked. They felt it was very clear, clean, and showed professionalism. Not only is Genia great at designing websites, but she does it in a timely manner. Thank you Genia."
Maxine Goulding, California Special Occasions

"I have used Janssen & Associates for all three of my sites. The Royal Diva one was done on a limited budget.

Genia & Ludo do very good work. Husband & wife team. She does the site, he does the graphics. Her email is Good Luck!"
Jen Jaciw, Lone Star Limousine

"Hi Genia, Thanks so very much for your prompt and excellent service. I really enjoy knowing you're there and are always so helpful and professional. All the best."
Cherryll Sevy, University Golf of Santa Clara

"I’ve worked with Janssen & Associates over the past year to develop websites for Royal Coach Tours, Lone Star Transportation and just recently…the Royal Divas. They are also helping with some marketing materials. Genia & Ludo are a great team and they produce quality work."
Jen Jaciw, Lone Star Limousine

"I have been working with Genia for about 10 years now. I highly recommend her because she goes above and beyond what is expected. Her charges could not be more fair. She has created several websites for me in a professional and expeditious manner. She even follows up with me to remind me of things I have forgotten and suggests improvements on my website."
Irene T. Ranucci, Owner, Thomas Appliance Service

"Genia's company provides the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce with the intial web design for our website and ongoing service as we require changes. She is punctual and economical. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for great value."
Van Nelson, President, Saratoga Chamber of Commerce

"Genia was a great help to me when I set up my first website for Publicity Plus. She created an amazing multi paged website showing all of the services and products provided by my company. I am happy to recommend her to anyone starting a new business or redesigning their websites. Genia is always available and gives very quick and competent service!"
Artis Buerki, Owner, Publicity Plus Promotional Advertising

"I hired Genia to create my web page. I gave her the content, but she made it come to life. She did her work quickly and for a reasonable price. I have recommended Genia to others and will continue to do so."
Marlis McAllister, McAllister Law Group

"Genia is such a knowledgeable and creative web site site designer with her own original ideas. I came to her with nothing, and she began her miracle. What I really like about her service is she kept in touch. She did not run on her own will. She checked with me on concept,color etc. No surprises, just timely, quality work at a rate a small company could afford. If you would like to see her work go to the web site she created for me. I will continue to use her again and again! Sincerely ~"
Colleen Murphy, Owner / President, Advance Staffing, Inc.

"I would highly recommend Genia and Janssen & Associates for your web site creation and maintenance."
Jack Cannon, Lynstar

"Genia has not only done design work for my business sites, she also manages my website and provides updates. She really knows her stuff, and provides very fast, quality work. She added feeds from my blog to my site, as well as 3 video clips. I'll continue to use her company."
Lynnea Quinn Hagen, Abundance Coaching

"We were fortunate to have Genia design our website. Genia is very knowledgeable and professional. She accomplished projects very quickly, paying attention to details and keeping us on task to give her information and resources that she needed to do the job. It is a pleasure to work with her."
Cindy Dower, Dr. Scott Dower, DC

"Genia is always there to help benefit the client and promote the enterprise!"
Tom Adams, Adams Security Group

"Genia is the most meticulous Web Designer with whom I ever worked. She provides excellent service and is very professional. She changed my website from simple and mediocre to a fabulous and an alive expression of my business: warm and of highest quality. I highly recommmend Genia."
Jolyn Silva, Heaven-on-Earth

"You have done a yeoman's job in building my site! You've helped me to understand what will work best, and are always responsive to my requests for updates. I love the Specials page that you've created with the clever icons. People tell me about how long it takes their webmasters to make changes on their sites, and I am so fortunate to be working with someone who is so responsive! Thank you."
Artis Buerki, Owner, Publicity Plus Promotional Advertising

"We want to thank Genia for going above and beyond our expectations. Not only did she create an excellent technical website for us, but she did this without disturbing our busy schedules. She put a tremendous amount of thought and research into our site and made it an interesting, informative place for our customers and prospective customers to visit."
Irene T. Stotts, Dr. Dee's Appliance Repair

"For over two years, I struggled with creating documents for my web site and finding someone competent to create it for me. I then signed up with a company for $29.95 a month so I could get listed on over 100 search engines in order to get the word out to everyone. When I went searching the net for key words synonymous with my profession and services, I went through all the pages that came up under the key words and could not find my site anywhere. I also never heard back from the company who listed my site on their search engines until I dropped them. I went through several people and finally found someone who could design it to where it was easy to read, comprehensible and very attractive to those who have fast hands on the mouse. When Genia first looked at my site, she immediately told me what was missing and put meta tags so that the search engines would pick up the different aspect of my site. Before I went to Genia, I think I had a total of 3 inquiries into the products and services I had to offer. Since her help with the design of my site and the meta tags, I get a much larger number of inquiries and this has helped my business grow very much. Her work is competent, fast, creative and gets the results you want: increased business. Thank you Genia for the beautiful work and the sheer know-how to get the job done right!"
Lisa Ayala, Herbs By Lisa

"Thank you for the updates. Every time I look at my website I'm so thankful for the AWESOME and PROFESSIONAL look of my website. I get so many compliments on how user friendly it is, the look and information. I can't thank you enough."
Judy Mahan

"Genia developed two websites for me, and I enjoyed working with her. She knows what she's doing and is willing to work with you to give you want you want. She's made the process easy."
Ilse Beck, Beck Business Services and Ms. Top Hat

"My website looks really good. Genia designs well and the site loads quickly. She also maintains the site and keeps updating it on a regular basis. She's great at what she does and keeps her prices affordable. I have and will continue to recommend her."
Gino Fortino, Fortino Winery

"Genia is open to taking my designs and putting them on the web. all I do is give her a PDF file and she works wonders. She's fast and rarely puts a client on a back burner, making her clients a priority. Everything gets done to everyone's satisfaction."
Margie Krasno, IMAGE Publishing

"Working with Genia Janssen is a real "blessing". She explains things to the untrained web mind...what needs to happen and why. She's the complete package all in one. She is an engineer, knows code, JavaScript, Flash, and how to get your website found by various search engines As a right brained person, I just want the results!"
Reverend JoyceAnne Pierce, Yes! I Can Succeed!

"It's great having such fast response!"
Sue Wilhite, Positively Success

"Chakra Greetings, My name is Dave Ashman (a newbie) who recently visited your website. Your true creative characteristics can be seen in the way you have designed your website. More words than I have OR you would like to read Well done."

"Hi, Ladies! I heartily endorse Genia as a webmaster! She totally rocks. I had another website that was terrible and never got any hits, people couldn't even e-mail me. Now I have a great site that I can be contacted from and I also have a shopping cart! She is very quick, responsive and economical. If you don't have an electronic brochure in the sky, you probably need one. You no longer have to e-mail or snail mail info to people. You just send them to your site."
John Waller, Mobile Connectivity

"If any of you are looking to create or update your website, we have a very qualified person right here in our San Jose eWomen chapter. I can tell you, I am quite likely the most un-savvy computer person you will meet, and creating a website is completely beyond my reasoning powers. Another language, in fact! But I needed to have something done, so that I could properly take advantage of this wonderful selling tool, and met a woman at one of our lunches at Mangiano's who could do it all for me. Her name is Genia Janssen and her company name is Janssen & Associates. Genia met with me initially, asked me a lot of questions about what I expected my webpage to say, took a copy of my book to read so that she would have all the information she needed to recommend the type of webpage best suited to my needs. Next, I gave her my budget. She gave me some homework to do, some instructions to follow, and the rest she did. My website is up and running, just in a few days, and is almost completed. ( I just have to get a few photos taken.) Genia is very professional, has lots of suggestions, and doesn't intimidate you into feeling that you know nothing! She will also work with you and keep within your budget. I highly recommend her services."
Diana Hamilton (Author)

"I went to Lara Pai's web site today and loved it! I was wondering who she got to make her such a great site and I found your logo at the bottom. I should have known . . ."
Marlis McAllister, McAllister Law Group

"Thanks. You are a woman of few words who gets the job done! A Plus for you."
Marge Powers, Winning Ways

"I highly recommend Genia. She is efficient, talented, has a deep Knowledge of her area, she is a real expert. Listens to what you want, makes valuable suggestions. Completes the project on time and on budget. And she is a pleasure to work with. You cannot go wrong in choosing her for web development."
Nancy Schuet, Foot Rescue

"I'm a small business owner and these guys are very professional, competent and fast. They have low rates and I was very impressed that they could get my website up and running very quickly. I highly recommend them."
Stacy C.

"I just have to share a wonderful experience I had with Genia Janssen. We had our 1 on 1 and she offered to take a look at my website because I thought I may need to fix some issues I thought I had from listening to her wonderful presentation a few weeks back. Another web designer had quoted me a hugely inflated price to fix the website the way "they" thought it should be. Genia looked it over and instead of taking advantage of my ignorance, told me the website looks fine and didn't require any fix's from her. I am so pleased and in such gratitude for connecting with Genia and Ludo Janssen. Such integrity is hard to find. I am happy to bring my future website needs to them and I recommend them to everyone I meet. Rock on, Genia and Ludo!"
Suzanne Fentsin

"Kristin Blomquist That is awesome! I have been impressed by Genia and Ludo since I first met them in 2009. I am pulling my money together to have Ludo do some video's for my website, you tube, and Facebook for me. I think it would be great to pull together and do a video blitz and really get their names out there. They are both a fabulous resource to have in the GNA and totally recommend them. "
Kristin Bloomquist

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