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The World Wide Web has exploded and has created a new electronic market.

There is, however, a fundamental difference between traditional advertising and marketing techniques and those employed on the Internet. Success in the electronic world is directly related to your understanding of exactly what the Internet is and how it functions. This holds true whether your desire is to promote a product or simply to announce your existence to the rest of the world.

The web page is the interface between you and whoever chooses to visit your site. Websites are typically laid out with an initial page, called a home or splash page and usually several other pages describing your product or the information you wish to convey.

Website design and development makes sites as easy to use as possible. Web pages should be easy to understand; buttons should, by their appearance, convey what will be activated if they are pushed. and, above all, your site should work smoothly and efficiently.

Although everyone will have access to your site, there is typically a particular group or target group you want to attract. Get to know this group and design your site with them in mind.

Remember, in a successful website, it's the graphics that grab you, but it's the text that does the selling. Putting together a website requires a blend of publishing, a good user interface and technology. The three main activities in visiting a website are reading text, viewing images and interaction.

An effective website should start with a definition that evaluates the real needs of the individual or company and how those needs can best be served through the web, This should be followed by a careful design and planning stage. The next phase is to build and test the site.