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Website Development

The first thing that you will need is someone to host your website. This is not the same as an ISP (Internet Service Provider), such as Comcast, which provides high-speed Internet access and some other features. The hosting service gives you actual space to store your site as well as free e-mail and other nifty features, which you will need in addition to your ISP.

You need to register a domain name if you do not have one. The is like "" or the similar. In your case, it should be Once your name is registered, no one else can have it and you own it. The cost to register a domain name is $10.00-$20.00/year, depending on where the domain name is registered. This is the first step that you will need to take...get your domain name registered.

Most website development efforts require a minimum of 5-10 hours to create what we consider a basic website. We normally charge an hourly rate billed by the minute. We do not charge for meeting, telephone, e-mail or billing time as that is incorporated into our rates. There is no minimum monthly charge and we do not round up our time. However, we do charge a one-time retainer, which will be adjusted toward the monthly invoice.

If you already have an existing website but find that your are not receiving the number of visitors expected and cannot be found on the major search engines, we can put what are called "META tags" on your website and submit it to the major search engines.

If you are interested in selling products and services on your website, we can also implement a shopping cart which will allow the customer to track sales, manage inventory, take credit cards, calculate shipping based on customer preferences and even send broadcast e-mails.

If you want a custom-designed site, we will arrange for our designer to ascertain your target market and your particular needs. We also offer websites in Spanish.