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Why A Website?

Below are some reasons to become a top producer with a website:

A website is a 24/7 employee and works even when you don't. 
Your Website is a seven day a week, twenty-four-hour-a-day marketing program for turning contacts into prospects, prospects into relationships and relationships into clients. Every time you hand out a business card or other piece of marketing material (which should ALWAYS have your Website and email address on it), you give your prospects and clients immediate access to the information they're interested in, any time of day or night. Your site is always available, especially when you're not. Think of the time you've both saved and the convenience you've provided!

A website turns contacts into prospects. 
Virtually everyone you meet, either socially or through professional networking, has either savings or insurance gaps. Inviting these contacts to visit your website to learn more about how to research and solve these issues will make them eager to accept a business card with your Web address, and they will also be more likely to follow up. The three dozen Web based "what if" calculators that come with your site can be used to help identify these gaps.

A website gets prospects to contact you. 
People are often uncomfortable calling a total stranger whom they know little or nothing about. If a prospect gets a mailing from you, finds your name on an advisor directory, or even if they're referred to you, and they have your website address, they can visit your site, see your picture, maybe a picture of your family or your staff, and learn about you and your practice. They feel MUCH more comfortable calling you for an appointment when they're more familiar with who you are.

A good website creates the right first impression. 
When you invite your prospects to visit your website before meeting with you, they can learn about you and your practice specialty, and will be more comfortable in your initial meeting. They can even fill out pre-meeting questionnaires so that you can better tailor your presentation. Financial Visions provides you with a library of articles, forms, and tools to add your own information and forms with the click of a button. Your prospects will be both familiar and impressed with your image and offerings before they even meet with you!

A website fosters referrals. 
Ask your network of clients and business contacts to give out your website address - it's an easy way for them to refer people to you. By offering relevant articles, newsletters and other content, this information will often get forwarded on without even asking. (But asking is still a good idea!) Financial Visions also puts "refer a friend" tags throughout your site, so that visitors can pass along the valuable and interesting information they discover to others.